Introducing Our Newly Appointed Editor-in-Chief

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Dr. Nawaf Masaad Almutairi as the incoming Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Medicine, Law & Public Health. Dr. Almutairi joins us with an impressive background, having established himself as a prominent figure in the Anesthesia and Pain Management.

We are confident that Dr. Almutairi's extensive experience and deep understanding of the field will drive our publication to unprecedented success. Under his guidance, we anticipate enhanced cross-disciplinary collaboration and significant advancements in the intersecting domains of medicine, law, and public health.

We extend a warm welcome to Dr. Almutairi and eagerly anticipate the innovative directions and valuable insights he will bring to our journal.

Best wishes,
The Editorial Board of The Journal of Medicine, Law & Public Health



Memorandum of Understanding:

The Journal of Medicine, Law, and Public Health is delighted to announce its new partnership with The Saudi Society of Disaster Management, formalized through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. This collaboration designates us as the official publication platform for the Society. This alliance underscores our shared dedication to sharing pivotal research and insights across the domains of medicine, law, and public health, with a keen focus on disaster management and readiness. Our goal is to nurture a cross-disciplinary dialogue, advocate for the implementation of best practices, and support the evolution of policies and strategies that improve public health and safety measures. We are excited about this partnership's potential to enrich our content for both our readers and contributors, offering a comprehensive repository of specialized articles, case studies, and reviews that address the forefront of disaster health management issues and innovations.


Archived news:

The partnership between The Journal of Medicine, Law & Public Health (JMLPH) and The Research Centre at the Second Healthcare Cluster (R2) is an innovative collaboration with the goal of bridging the divide between medical research and practical healthcare applications. By bringing together JMLPH's interdisciplinary focus on medicine, law, and public health with R2's strong research infrastructure, the partnership is positioned to drive significant progress in patient care and healthcare policy. The combination of JMLPH's academic insights and R2's empirical research methods allows for a comprehensive approach to addressing current health challenges. Their joint efforts are focused on conducting thorough clinical trials, devising public health strategies, and ultimately translating research findings into actionable healthcare solutions that benefit patients and inform policymakers, ultimately raising the standards of healthcare services and practices on a broader scale.